Fruit tea

Teacup fruit tea

I’m not a big fan of fruit teas. I can drink them but I rarely, if ever, prepare them at home. So this fruit tea was served to me by my mother-in-law when I was visiting.

It’s not a well-known brand, inf fact I’m not even entirely sure what the brand is.. But the teas was not that bad.

It has apple, strawberries, rasberries, hibiscus and orange peels in it. Plus “flavour and aroma additives”. Something I really don’t like in a tea, or any food. And when you think of that and read all the ingredients, which sounds super flavourful an22d aromatic, then why the hell would you need to add additional ones. I hope they are not artificial, at least.

So the taste was not bad at all. No, I’m not a convert, I won’t prepare it at home, but it’s a decent cup of warm brew when my favourite long jing is not available 😉


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