Chamomille and English Marigold tea

I had a flu briefly and what do you do when you have a flu? You drink a lot of fluids! And what fluids would you drink when you’re a tea liker? Well, duh..!

And green tea has proven antimicrobal properties, you just can’t drink it too much. Luckily there are more plants that exhibit similar features. Like marigold, which is found to have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. And chamomille (camomile) is long known to be anti-inflammatory as well.


So I mixed the two, grown and gathered from my own garden and dried, and poured boiling water on it. That’s how the herbal teas like it! 😉

The brew has some slight bitterness of chamomille in its aftertaste. Overall it is very drinkable in large quantities, so a perfect flu-period drink.



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